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Game Description: Help choose my hair style.
Hosted Link - Play Hair Games
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Game Article:
Hair Games Another interesting and unconventional game which has attracted our interest is the Hair Games. There are many games which are about dressing up but there are few good ones which concentrate on the gigantic world of various hairstyles. Now we have something which is equally addictive too! How does a hairstyle affect someone?s personality? In simple words, a hairstyle can make or break a personality and that is the theme of the game. You need to find the hairstyle which would suit your doll the best. Now, the game allows you to find her a great hairstyle which would suit her. You can change the eye color, change the hair style, trim her hair, color them and give them a new shape from the various available. This completes the basic way in which you can start the game. You are also given a hair drier, a few rollers, hair straightening clips and color bottles. Apart from deciding the hairstyle, you can make your own additions or subtractions using these tools. In simple words, it makes you feel like a barber who has been given a free reign by the customer. Overall, the experience is addictive and you would be spending a lot of time in selecting hairstyles and then tweaking and pruning them to give the best shape to the doll. A complete make over is also possible, and you can change everything related to her face. Apart from the eyes, you can even fiddle around with her ears and make them suit the hairstyle. The interesting part about the game is the ability to select from a wide range of styles and then go about changing them as per your own wishes. Oh, and did I mention that the doll is really cute and keeps responding to your inputs on her new hairstyle ?
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