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Game Description: Jingle bell, jingle bell? It's Christmas! Merry Christmas!
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Game Article:
Shave Santa An addictive game suitable for the Christmas spirit, Shave Santa is about giving our lovely Santa Claus a new look. The game play is simple and utilizes only a single shaver for all the while. The aim of the game is simple, just give Santa a new look for Christmas by using your shaver in a creative way. After giving him a different look for the season, you can send your creation and enroll for the competition. The person who has the best look can win a prize, so take your shavers out and get going. The only main thing in the game is the shaver, and you need to be careful while using it. However, you can always restart the game by using the reset button. The shaver, being the most important part of the game, has been made quite complex. The major part of getting the score is dependent on selecting the razor in such a way, that it gives you the look which is desired. You need to pick up the shaver, and first select the comfort level. There are two comfort levels, and they decide the scope of your shaver. The first is the sensitive level, where you have a close shave with a smaller area being affected. The second is the normal level, which covers the maximum area and clears the most in a single sweep. With constantly switching between these modes, you can give a new look to Santa for this Christmas. The sound system of the game is based on various carols which remind you of the Christmas spirit. Overall, the game is decent and despite the simple game play, it becomes quite addictive. With the freedom that you have, you can make Santa look like a punk for sure!
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