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Game Description: Find out what is really going on when you are not around.
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Game Article:
Hire a Private Eye An addictive game about finding out the real truth behind the regular dentist visits, shopping sprees and unexplained belongings of your wife, Hire a Private Eye is a game about playing the detective on your love. The game is mainly about being at the right place and at the right time for collecting the clues behind your wifes rendezvous with some mystery men. You have been hired by a well settled businessman to spy on his fianc, so that he can ascertain that she is not marrying him only for his money. But the truth is something else, as you find his fianc to be of loose character. You now need to find enough proof for your theory, so that you can save your client from a vile woman. The game is mainly about collecting proof around the scene which shows your clients fianc in compromising positions with various men. You need to be at the right place and should always be ready with your camera to click the correct photograph which can serve as the proof for the misdeeds of the young lady. You mainly need to hunt around the scene for any mysterious activities and lunge for any clue that you can get. Your main aim is to click pictures after finding out the clues behind the setup and show them to your client. The game is level based and every level requires you to get a snap of the fianc with some other man. Overall, the game is pretty simple with the only requisite being a roving eye for catching the culprit red handed. Your clients life is at stake, and that is why you should react quickly in this addictive adventure.
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