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Game Description: Fence the chicken clones in without hitting them. Just click and drag in a direction to put a fence up.
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Game Article:
Clone-a-Doodle An addictive game with different style of game play, Clone-a-Doodle is about building the area in such a way that there is no harm to the chicken and all are tamed irrespective of that. The main storyline of this game is about Dexter, our short genius from Cartoon Network series. He has cloned some chickens and now they are running out from his laboratory area. He thus needs to build fences in such a way that all the chickens stay inside the fence and none escapes. This has to be done in the given amount of time for saving the world from the attack of the cloned chickens. The game starts with a simple song which explains what is to be done in the game. This song tells about Dexters dilemma after cloning the chickens, and his efforts to fence these chickens. These chickens can be fenced by using your FenceBlaster, which can form fences in the nick of time. You need to use these fences correctly and at proper positions to ensure that no chicken escapes. You also need to be wary of the fence building time, because if a chicken touches the fence in construction process, it would die in an instant and you would lose points. Thus, you need to assure that you build fences at correct positions and time. Time reminds us of the important factor in the game, where you need to fence all the chickens in the given amount of time. Overall, the game is quite addictive due to the different concept it handles. The entire experience with the chickens is addictive, and the whole Dexter theme adds fun to the game.
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