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Game Description: Get all dressed up for a night out on the town!
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Game Article:
Night Out Dress Up An interesting game about dressing up your model for a night out of fun, Night Out Dress Up lets you experiment with different looks and styles before settling with the best. Sounds addictive? Read on. The game can be labeled as fully customizable in one go. The extensive number of options given in every area is simply mind blowing. The game is made addictive due to the possibilities this game offers for dressing up and preparing for a night out, so addictive that you would be coming back for deciding what you would look good in. So, starting with the game play, you have the clothes first. You are given a lot of options in the clothes department. You have lowers, uppers and overalls and you need to pick the right one from it. In the lowers area, you have miniskirts, trousers, long skirts and different types of denims for covering the bottom. For the uppers, you have tank tops, shirts, tops and halter necks. You have awesome one piece dresses too, which make the game and the look complete. You can also decide the footwear of the model and couple the look with a huge range of accessories. The most interesting part about the game is extra customizability, which makes the game addictive. The reason why this game scores over the others is the option of customizing the eyes, skin, hair, lipstick, makeup and underwear of the model. A feature like this has been missing from dress up games, and that is where we have Night Out Dress Up. Overall, the game is quite addictive because of the options and customizability being offered in it. the game play is smart and different, and the game appeals to us.
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