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Game Description: Sweet Anna is getting ready for a date but she is not quite sure what clothes to select. can you help?
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Game Article:
Anna Dress Up An addictive game about dressing the beautiful and sexy Anna, Anna Dress Up allows you to experiment with various designs before settling with the best for Annas date tonight. The game is mainly about dressing up Anna for the date tonight and making her look so stunning that she rocks the town. Your main aim is to give her a hot yet subtle look, which can impress her date without giving any lewd hints about her intentions. You need to pick from the extensive wardrobe that has been designed for Anna and give a nice overall touch using the footwear and accessories given in the wardrobe. Since the game is mainly about dressing up, let us start with the wardrobe first. The wardrobe is cleanly divided into three things, upper, lowers and overalls. You need to choose a combination of the first two or pick one from the overalls to suit your mood and the night. The extensive wardrobe lets you find everything matching to the given set of dress and you can look around for giving the perfect look to Anna. You have different miniskirts, trousers, hipsters, and skirts for dressing her up and same goes for the uppers too. You have nice tops, jackets and woolens to make her look good and form good combinations. The overalls are also nice, with one piece dresses and sexy wears. Coupling this with the excellent accessory support and we have a nice dress up game on hand. The footwear is also varied and different for matching with the items that you have selected. Overall, the game is really nice and addictive because of the varied game play and sexy Anna and you would eventually find yourself coming back to it and to Anna!
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