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Play Games - Dress Up Games - Little Mermaid Love Story
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Game Description: Life under the sea is not everything that you have been told. Now you have a chance to marry a handsome prince. But, you have to look the part. Dress Up your Little Mermaid now.
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Game Article:
Little Mermaid Love Story An addictive game about the Little cute Mermaid named Ariel, Little Mermaid Love Story lets you find the perfect groom for her by dressing her up like an angel. The game follows an interesting storyline where the little mermaid falls in love with a prince who rules the sea. He is the son of the most powerful king in the sea, and his dream is to marry his son to the most beautiful mermaid he can meet in this vast sea. You need to prove to him and the prince that she is what they have always wanted by dressing her up in the best attire given to you. The game is technically a dress up game which asks you to dress up this little mermaid in exotic clothes which can match her. You need to find the best combinations from the given options, and club them together to find a nice look. The game is mainly about using the extensive wardrobe for dressing her up and giving her a nice look. The game makes you the witch who is helping her out by using magic to give her new and better clothes. Using the options in the extensive wardrobe, you can change her hair, clothes, tail and her jewelry. You have around four to five options in hairstyles and tail department and many more in the clothes section. By choosing the correct hairstyle, clothes and tail and then coupling with the nicest jewelry you can find with the witch is the key to a nice dress up. Overall, the game is quite addictive and detailed due to the beautiful mermaid it addresses. The entire experience is well defined, and the game scores well as a dress up game.
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