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Play Games - Skills Games - Tom and Jerry: Mouse About the House
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Arrrr! I'd rather cut off me other leg than play this game again!
Yarr... swabbing the poop deck, playing this game... both be no fun...
Ahoy mate! I've played better... and I've played worse...
Blimey! Ye done good choosing this game.
Shiver me timbers! Ye picked a right fine one matey!

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Game Description: Help Jerry get the cheese by using the household items to maneuver around the house and yard.
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Game Article:
Tom and Jerry: Mouse About the House A classic adventure of two hooligans, Tom and Jerry: Mouse About the House is about the regular cat and mouse chase between Tom and Jerry and Jerrys mission to steal food and tease Tom at his inability to catch him. The game is a fun adventure where you need to play as Jerry and do all good that you can to Tom. Steal food, disrupt peace and abuse the household items in your mission to get the food while avoiding becoming Toms food yourself. The game is definitely fun, partly because it lets you play as the adorable Jerry in a classic Tom and Jerry adventure. Now, the game is mainly about collecting cheese as you move around the house but it doesnt end at that. You also need to use various household items to escape the dangers and obstructions which block your way from getting all the cheese that you can. The game proceeds in levels where you need to collect as much cheese as you can and for doing that, you have various objects for clearing the path. Starting with the garden, you are given matchsticks, matchbox, skate etc for going through the course. The placement and usage of these objects depends upon you and objects once used cannot be reclaimed. Every level gives you new objects to play with and it is up to you how you use them. Some select positions have been marked for the placement of objects and you just need to find the right one and place it on time. Overall, the game is very addictive because of the classic Tom and Jerry adventure. The sound and graphics have been done well too, making the game worth a try.
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