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Game Description: Catch the Falling Kisses to win the heart of your dream girl in this game. But be careful for the cold kisser and the kiss of death, they will end your fun fast. Play Kiss Catcher now to win your lady!
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Game Article:
Kiss Catcher If kissing is something which turns you really on, then this addictive game is meant only for you. Kiss catcher is about your attempts to woo the perfect women and get her to kiss you. The game requires you to catch the falling kisses from your beloved, and avoid the ones which are not from her. There are two kisses which you need to avoid at all costs, they are cold kisses and kiss of deaths. They decrease the time in which you need to catch the other kisses, and lower your score. It is basically a campus challenge where you need to be the one with the maximum kisses, and then only you can get kissed by the cheerleaders of the campus. Apart from the pink kisses from your love, you need to avoid some kisses too. Black kiss is the one which can get you negative points, green kisses lead to temporary freezing and a loss of time, purple kisses confuse you and change your direction, brown kisses tend to slow you down while the white kisses lead to death in an instant. If you can avoid these and collect the maximum number of red pink kisses in the college festival, then you would find yourself in the arms of the cheerleaders, waiting for a hot kiss. The game play is simple and addictive enough to get you playing for a long time. The game proceeds in levels, with each level tougher than the previous one. It is challenging enough, so you can say goodbye to the notion of zipping through all the kisses. Overall, a great game with hot cheerleaders and immersive game play. Doesn?t leave much to crave for, a complete experience in all its aspects, catching and getting kissed!
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