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Game Description: Avoid the balls that Bowser throws at you. Survive is the object of the game.
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Game Article:
Bowser Ball 2 Here we have another extremely addictive and entertaining Mario adventure on our hands. It is about Bowser and his attempts to knock you out. The game is nice, sweet, cute and highly addictive. You have the wicked Bowser throwing out stone like balls at you to get you down and aiming for a knockout. Your mission is to avoid being hit and escape Bowser?s attempts to break your bones. The game starts with a choice between a one player and two player mode. The two player mode lets you control both Mario and Luigi and guide them away from the incoming balls. Two players can easily play this and make it one great addictive experience. The game is simple with simplistic controls. You just need to guide Mario away from the balls that Bowser is throwing. The arena is like a checkerboard, where an image of Bowser stands at every corner. Our red plumber is positioned in the middle, and he needs to avoid the balls from every corner. As the game progresses, the frequency of incoming balls increases and the challenge becomes more addictive and entertaining. Apart from the four images of Bowser, you have the limited check board space as another obstacle, and you cannot escape the rebounding balls, which tend to increase at the end. It might seem like an easy go, but that would be a big underestimation of a challenging game. The game has a good background score, and reminds you of the addictive Mario adventures which have made a mark in the gaming industry. The action is fast paced and becomes even more engrossing when both Mario and Luigi move in. A great addictive game promising a rich experience, Bowser Ball 2 is a worth sequel to the original game.
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