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Game Description: Avoid getting squashed by dirt, rocks and sand thrown down at you while using these bricks to climb your way to safety! Use the right/left arrow keys to move and climb up small blocks. Make sure not to get trapped on the tall side of bricks because you won't be able to climb over it. Oh yeah, watch out for bombs, incoming walls and scythes as they might get in your way as well. Will you survive all 6 very unique levels and get highest score?
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Game Article:
Buried Alive An addictive game about crossing the levels while avoiding the obstacles as much as you can, Buried Alive is a wall climbing game with a difference. The game requires you to move up the wall to clear the level, and you need to climb the bricks while avoiding the obstacles like sand and dirt which are falling on you. You basically need to go through the levels by using the obstacles only, and make them like a staircase for you. As the game starts, you are allowed to choose from the available levels. You are taught the game in a short tutorial, where you are taught the bits of the game. There are three types of rocks which are coming your way. The concrete ones are those which do not break and stay on the same place as they are, without any adjustment. The next are the mellow ones, which take the shape being provided to them. The last are the sand blocks, which break when the touch the ground. They can be used for filling up the gaps in the staircase which you are trying to build. Apart from the rocks, you also have the bombs to take care of, because if they explode near you, they would kill you. On the other hand, if they fall on the rocks, they would rip them apart too, probably helping you in your quest to get out of the pits. Apart from the levels which are available, you have the option of unlocking more levels if you are able to clear the previous ones. This gives the game enough content to try your hand at. Overall, the game is quite addictive and features a different game play which uses brains and timing, both.
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