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Game Description: Pimp that smart car from colurs pinks to a mean looking black.
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Game Article:
Pimp My Smart An addictive game about jazzing up your vehicle, Pimp My Smart lets you try some new designs and improvements on your smart car, through the game of course. The game is a car designers dream come true because of the huge variety it offers in the terms of body kits. The game allows you to modify almost everything about the car which is on the display and then take it to the road show for getting some points and fanboy bonuses. The game is complete in the terms of design and appeals to every car designer, be it a male or a female. The game mainly concentrates on pimping up your ride, by using various upgrades and stylish add-ons to increase the cars worth and its drool factor. The entire looks of the car can be changed on demand by the game player, and it is just a matter of seconds before you have a complete look of a new car. This can be carried out using the various upgrades that are available for the game. Starting with the front, you have headlight modifications which improve the eyes of the car. Next, you have the front bumper which can be changed to anything that is being offered by the game. We have windscreen modifications too which can change the particular part of the car and side modifications include doors and body kits. The game also gives you the option of adding alloys which can significantly improve the final looks of the car. Overall, the game is quite interesting, simple and addictive. It is a dream come true for the designers and they can successfully try something new in game before implementing it practically.
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