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Arrrr! I'd rather cut off me other leg than play this game again!
Yarr... swabbing the poop deck, playing this game... both be no fun...
Ahoy mate! I've played better... and I've played worse...
Blimey! Ye done good choosing this game.
Shiver me timbers! Ye picked a right fine one matey!

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Game Description: Toss the pizza and get as much topping as you can on it. The best pizza with get the sexy girl to kiss.
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Game Article:
Pizza Passion It is pizza time! Comprising of pizzas, toppings and sexy women, this game is complete from the fun perspective. The addiction of this game lies in the variety it offers. So what is it about? And how does a sexy babe come in here? Well, simply put, this game is about a chef who needs to prepare a lot of pizzas for a girl-only party. Due to a freak accident, the chef is not able to prepare pizzas and is now running short of time. So he thinks about a solution to this, and comes up with a great idea. Rather than carefully laying out the pizza toppings, he plans to toss them in air and collect it on the base. This is where you step in; you need to help the chef get ample amount of toppings on the pizza, perfectly matched and laid out. So what you need to do is toss it up in the air, and try getting as much topping on it as you can. If your pizza turns out to be really good, you get kissed by the hot women in the party. However, if you prepare a bad pizza, then you are out of luck and anyone who tries out your pizza, is sure to slap you. In the game, what matters is the number of kisses or slaps. Each kiss gives you 10 points while each slap takes away your points. The one with the maximum score at the end is sure to receive a bonus. The game sounds have been done well, and the graphics are good enough too. Overall, a highly addictive and fun game where you don?t need a reason for a kiss, just some skill with the pizza!
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