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Game Description: Fighting game with great graphics with head punchs, kicks and Super moves that can lead to muti combos.
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Game Article:
Capoeira Fighter 3 An extremely addictive game with fully action packed game play, Capoeira Fighter 3 is a versus mode action game with loads of options. The basic game play is about fighting people in arenas, where your basic moves are punches, kicks and they can be combines to generate super combinations and signature moves. There are six modes in the game, Versus Battle, Comp Battle, Survival, Demo, Tutorial and Mini games. Each of the modes is detailed, except the last three. The demo mode tells you how to fight by demonstrating fights, tutorial teaches you how to fight in the game while the mini games are single player games which give the player experience in this detailed game. The Comp Battle mode is the one in which you are put against a computer opponent. You can practice in this fully fledged mode, and learn the tricks of the game. You have certain combination moves which require some experience, and that can be gained in these fights. You also need to keep a tab on your stamina, because that is the factor on which the power of your move depends. The mode in which the game scores, is the Versus Battle mode, where you take on another human player in an intensive fight. Intensive multiplayer action with your friends can be really exciting, especially because of the unlocked super moves and combos. The survival mode is another addictive mode in which you need to travel through the levels, fighting weaker enemies and finally facing the level boss, which is one of the characters from the series. Overall, the game is extremely addictive and has so many options that you would be dying to invite your friends over for some cool multiplayer action. With insane combinations, team based game play and extreme action, it just cannot get better.
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