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Blimey! Ye done good choosing this game.
Shiver me timbers! Ye picked a right fine one matey!

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Game Description: Beauty is created through your fingers... read the introduction before you start!
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Game Article:
Artificial Beauty An addictive game about creating human life form, Artificial Beauty allows you to make beautiful women by simple clicks on the online version. Basically, the game is about creating beautiful women by assuming the position of the Almighty. The game play allows you to choose the various things which make up a woman, and then a grading procedure allows you to check the acceptance of the beauty that you have created. The game is a time based edition, and you need to choose the right option from the various provided to you. You can decide the hair, headwear, eyes, nose, mouth, clothes and shoes for the woman and you need to do that from the various options given to you. Basically, the game play asks you to choose the feature which you consider to be most appropriate and employ that in deciding the final look for the hottie. After you are done, you would be allowed to check the rating of the woman in terms of expert opinions and you would get to know about the popularity of the female that you have created. For every category, you are given eight options and you need to choose any one out of them. Your choice and coupling with other features would decide how beautiful your creating would be, so make those choices in collaboration with other features. Overall, the game is addictive and interesting enough to go down into your good books. The theme and the concept is interesting and so is the rating mechanism and effects associated with the final product.
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