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Auto Blitz - Get ready to move! This game is great and just happens to be a helluva lot of fun!
Naughty Classroom - Don't you wish you could go back and do some things over again? Getting caught is almost as much fun! Careful, you might earn yourself a spanking... if you're lucky!
Romantic Wedding Dress - It's your special day, the one you've waited your whole life for and it's finally here. Get ready to spend the rest of your life with the love of your life... Get ready!
Braap Braap - Terrific shockwave motocross game. Learning to control your bike is key to victory.
Knievel's Wild Ride - Rev up your bike and go for the longest jump possible in Knievel's Wild Ride! Execute trick maneuvers during the jump for more points. Watch the landing and don't wreck or you'll risk a fiery death!
Dark Spiderman - Take the web slinger across the obstacles without falling down.
Cowgirl Dressup - This cowgirl is getting ready to go out Friday night!
Under Cover - Watch and Shoot your ultimate fantasy when under cover is visible.
Ford Flat Track - In Ford Flat Track race around the track on your dirt bike and beat out your opponent. Pop the throttle and go in this fast-paced racing game!
Crank - Take to the road in this action packed racing game based off the feature film Crank!
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Game Description: What else is on? Try not to get caught!
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Game Article:
Remote Control So you are a naughty boy who wants to surf the adult channels when your parents are not around? Or even when they are around? This game is just about that, watching them but switching them just when someone passes by. Remote control is about reflexes and of course, some cockiness. You need to watch barred channels and the longer the runtime of these, the more points you score. However, if someone comes up in between, all the points of that session are lost, and you get a negative hit. When your score goes below zero, you are knocked out of the game. The game offers you a couple of channels, like a beach watch channel and a fashion show. So what you are basically required to do is watch these channels, something which you wanted to do since you were a kid. For the kids, this is an awesome getaway while for the grown ups, this turns out to be a trip down the memory lane. No matter which age group you belong to, this is surely a really addictive game which can get you hooked for a long time. You are allowed to surf through various channels each having its own rating and corresponding score. The time spent is recorded and the score is calculated based on the rating of the channel. As soon as an adult comes by, you need to skip the channel to something which is not banned, and you are all safe. But in case you switch over to another banned channel, or are not able to do it on time, the game flushes all the score of the session.
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