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Play Games - Dress Up Games - My Sweet 16: Photoshoot
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Game Description: Become the ultimate model in My Sweet 16 Photoshoot!
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Game Article:
My Sweet 16: Photoshoot An addictive game about dressing up some young and hot teens, My Sweet 16: Photoshoot lets you experiment some nice clothes on pretty young things in the school. The game is mainly based on a lot of variety and lets you exercise some nice combinations on the sexy girl. You mainly have the regular game play of dressing up the beautiful girl and it is added upon by some interesting measures and improved variety which makes the game more detailed and addictive. It varies from many dress up games and excels in the field of dressing up young teens. The game mainly features a selective method of picking the dress for the girl. You start with a quick selection of the skin color and the name of the model. Now, the game has the regular options of dresses, which have been divided into various categories. These categories have around two three options for the uppers and similar for the lowers. You can customize the entire setup and make her look good by selecting some nice combinations. After choosing from the various categories like trendsetters, youth, cowboy, superstars, and mixing and matching among them, you can select a final look. You can even change the color scheme of the clothing by using the color meter below. Apart from the clothes, there are categories for hairstyles, footwear and accessories which offer nearly ten fifteen options. After finalizing the color schemes, you can simply click the start photoshoot button and make to the front page of the school magazine. Overall, the game play is quite detailed and addictive and lets you exercise a lot of creativity while mixing and matching the best outfits in the wardrobe.
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