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Game Description: Trick out your car in Customize Your Ride V5. Pick out from numerous models including an Escalade, a BMW M3 and an Eclipse. Tint the windows, change the paint color, pick new rims and totally customize your new ride!
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Game Article:
Customize Your Ride An addictive game about modifying your cars and giving them a superb look, Customize Your Ride is as good as it gets when it comes to pimping your ride. The game is quite impressive in the amount of options and variety it offers for designing a new car and the overall game play is definitely addictive. You have almost everything which is required for making a good mod and you can either buy or steal it to impress your clients. The game play is based on earning cash and investing it in your ride. Customizing and earning are the core aspects of the game and you need to excel at them for mastering this game. Customization makes this game addictive because you can pick any model and change it the way you like it. You can tint the glasses, add new wheels, alloys, spoilers, body kits, graphics, in short, almost everything that exists in this world for modifying the cars. The second step is earning money. You need money for every mod of yours because these are to be purchased. For purchasing these, you need to demonstrate your car and put it up for a show. Interested people might give you money for a pay view look and if the car is good, you would get more money as more looks are guaranteed. Otherwise, you can steal parts from other cars in the arena but if caught doing that, you are bound to land up in hospital after a beating and a theft of money. Overall, the games feel is refreshing and the overall variety and the non linear game play makes it addictive and a favorite among car enthusiasts.
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