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Game Description: Take the most popular doll ever created and do your own makeover on her. Barbie needs to be looking good for her date with Ken tonight.
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Game Article:
Barbie Makeover Another addictive game from the stable of Bootyarcade, Barbie Makeover allows you to explore your designs and combinations on Barbie and prepare her for her date with Ken tonight. Your main objective in the game is to dress up Barbie in such a way, that she is prepared for her date with Ken, all set to sweep him off his feet. The game is not actually a dress up game but more of a styling game, where you need to define the looks of Barbies hair, face, eyes, lips and other accessories. You need to give her a photogenic look which is appealing and exciting. The game play is divided into styling up the following, face, hair, eyes, lips and accessories, in the same order. Starting with the face, you need to decide the skin tone and color for Barbie. You can selec from four options available and apply them onto Barbie. Moving onto the hair, you can decide the hair color and hairstyle for Barbie. After choosing any one of the four colors available, you can move to selection of the hairstyle. After choosing one from the available 5 styles, you can proceed to the eyes. Here, you can select the eye color, the eye highlight and the mascara for Barbie. Lips allows you to change the color and accessories can be tiaras, flowers or hairclips. You can even complete her look and select the environment in which she would appear to Ken. Overall, the game is really addictive and becomes really fun because of the customizability offered to you. You can select most of the things and make Barbie look like a star for her night.
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