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Arrrr! I'd rather cut off me other leg than play this game again!
Yarr... swabbing the poop deck, playing this game... both be no fun...
Ahoy mate! I've played better... and I've played worse...
Blimey! Ye done good choosing this game.
Shiver me timbers! Ye picked a right fine one matey!

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Game Description: Help Homer Simpson collect donuts, Duff Beer, cookies and the occasional Squishee. Just don't hit any obstacles, you only have 3 lives per level!
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Game Article:
Ball of Death An addictive game about Homer Simpson and his mission to collect as many donuts as he can, Ball of Death is mainly about racing through the levels while avoiding the obstacles coming your way. The game play is mainly about racing on your bike through the level, collecting the important pickup material while avoiding the obstacles in your way. The game is level based, where in each level you need to collect donuts, duff beer, cookies and the elusive Squishee while avoiding the obstacles which can knock you off your bike and make you lose your life. Remember, there are only three lives per level and you need to clear the level in the given amount. The games protagonist is Homer Simpson, who is competing with the other participants in the Ball of Death. Every level defines the collectibles and the objective as the number of collectibles you should have. The collectibles can be anything as mentioned above, thrown around in the ball. There are some bonus pickups also, which are defined before the start, like Duff beer for level 1. You even have the description of the obstacle of the level, and you need to avoid it for saving your lives. The game requires a strong sense of direction for moving around in the Ball; else you would crash quite frequently. Each obstacle, if touched, reduces your hearts and when you hit the third obstacle, it means a picturesque crash. The game is interesting, with its own share of special effects and cut scene animation. Overall, the game is quite interesting and addictive and gives you a healthy dose of Simpson fun. A must try for the Simpsons fan, this one on Bootyarcade scores well on our rating charts.
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