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Game Description: Tour the simpsons home, interacting with Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and various objects.
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Game Article:
Simpsons Home Interactive In simple words, this game is for die hard Simpsons fans! A real addiction for all Simpsons lovers out there, this game gives you an opportunity to explore the house of the Simpsons. Sounds like a deal, doesn?t it? The game selects you as a visitor to the Simpsons home. It gives you a chance to interact with Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. You can also work around with various objects inside the Simpsons house but beware, they might not like it all and chuck you out. Those who have played this game have actually said that it feels like a real interaction with our beloved family. Sound cool eh, read on for more. The game runs on the way you interact with the members of the Simpsons family, which in turn determines how much you are liked by them. And for scoring good, you need to have a good rapport with everyone in the house. So if you get the little one crying, then you obviously lose some points for troubling the entire family. Apart from this interaction, what are more interesting are the things which can be manipulated inside the house. The way you handle them is extremely important because you don?t want to damage anything. Otherwise, you get a big negative for spoiling their stuff and you get kicked out of the house if your score drops below the threshold level. And that?s what we call as Game Over! No real Simpson fan can miss the excitement of interacting with the family, live and on your own PC. There is more to them than you actually know but beware, because this might get really addictive and you might end up spending quite a lot of time with them!
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