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Play Games - Dress Up Games - Dora The Explorer
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Game Description: Dress up Dora The Explorer.
Hosted Link - Play Dora The Explorer
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Game Article:
Dora the Explorer A very addictive dress up game for styling and giving a new look, Dora the Explorer is something which can be considered as a genuine game with an advanced intelligence level. The game is about dressing up Dora for her next adventure around the area, and you need to keep the theme in mind for giving her a new look. What I really liked about the game was the amount of detail which had been provided in the game intelligence and the wardrobe which had enough options to keep you addicted for a long time. You have everything in terms of clothes and some more in the form of various accessories. Most of her collection comprises of the clothes which she has worn in her adventures. Starting with the uppers, you have enough options to give Dora a new look every time you play the game. You have tops, jackets, waistcoats, frocks, overalls etc. for completing her look in the upper area. For the lowers, you have many track suits, shorts, little frocks, cargoes and trousers to assist in her tiresome explorations. Apart from the clothes, the wardrobe extensively focuses on shoes, hats and other accessories. You have a complete set of shoes and footwear which suit the adventurer and you can easily find high boots, shoes, slippers and sneakers in the options provided. For the hats, you have caps, hats, bowlers and what not. You even have gloves, necklaces, flowers, mufflers and scarves for completing the excellence of the selection. All of these increase the game playability and makes it more addictive with time. You can even challenge your friends to find who is a better designer for Dora. Overall, it is a really addictive game with enough options to keep you glued to it for a decent time frame.
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