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Game Description: Here is a Paperdoll game ft. the extremely sexy and oddly shaped Jessica Rabbit from 'Who Framed Rogger Rabbit.'
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Game Article:
Jessica Rabbit Paperdoll Here is your chance to dress up the extremely hot and sexy Jessica Rabbit, the girl who has the best body in the animated world. The game is based on the life of Jessica, where you are supposed to dress her up for the show in the next hour. The game draws characters from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and it is based on the life of Roger Rabbit?s wife, Jessica Rabbit. The game follows the curvaceous lady and her singing career. A very addictive game, no doubt, it asks you to dress Jessica up to suit the occasion of her appearance. It might be a singing performance, a visit to Roger Rabbit or a card party next door, you have to find the best set of clothes for her, and make her look beautiful. The game is simple but it does not lack variety. You are given a wide range of clothes for various occasions and you need to select the ones which would suit her. Apart from the clothing, you have to decide her makeup, shoes, accessories and jewelry. The right selection of each of the above factors is required to achieve a decent look. For example, if you make her wear sports shoes for a singing performance, you would get low points in the show and bad popular opinion. If you are attiring her up for the card party next door, you cannot put up tones of make up on her, else you would lose points. Every little nuisance needs to be kept in mind, which makes this game worth playing. It might be tough in the starting, but playing this game is a great experience, taking in consideration her curves and moves. A great body, a great variety and an addiction to it, it just doesn?t get better.
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