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Play Games - Dress Up Games - Would Be Perfect To Wear
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Game Description: You may be particularly interested in looking at the formal dresses available, dresses which would be perfect to wear during the Christmas season either at parties or formal gatherings.
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Game Article:
Would Be Perfect To Wear Another addictive game from the database of Bootyarcade, Would Be Perfect To Wear is a classic dress up game which lets you experiment with different looks. The game is a regular dress up game but the major difference here is the game play. You have to find the perfect combination of various dresses for the girl so that she looks her best for various parties and formal occasions during Christmas time. The game is intelligent in its placement of pieces of clothing, with clothes taking their place automatically upon selection and removing any previous piece of clothing. The game is divided into different types of clothes, and we proceed to discuss them. You have various things to decide in this complete dress up game, clothes, hairstyles, footwear, accessories and head gear. Starting with the clothing, you have different types of overalls for dressing the girl up for Christmas. Woolen tops, jackets, tops and shirts area available for that area, followed by the lowers. You have miniskirts, trousers, long skirts, knee lengths and overalls for giving a different look to her. There are different types of hairstyles available for usage, and you have black, brown and different color as per dress choice. Footwear is also nice with long boots, sandals and shoes completing the range. Headgear consists of caps, hats and scarves which can make her look good and prevent her from catching cold. Accessories like bags, flowers and earrings are another step for completing the look. Overall, the game is addictive and interesting and is different from other online dress up games available today. Unique and with a lot of variety, Would Be Perfect To Wear scores well in every aspect of an online game.
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