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Play Games - Dress Up Games - Dress Up Barack Obama
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Arrrr! I'd rather cut off me other leg than play this game again!
Yarr... swabbing the poop deck, playing this game... both be no fun...
Ahoy mate! I've played better... and I've played worse...
Blimey! Ye done good choosing this game.
Shiver me timbers! Ye picked a right fine one matey!

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Game Description: Dress up Barack Obama in crazy outfits.
Hosted Link - Play Dress Up Barack Obama
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Game Article:
Dress Up Barack Obama An addictive game which allows you to dress up the first man of the World, Dress Up Barack Obama iss an addictive title which lets you dress Obama up in crazy outfits. How many times would you get the chance of dressing up the President of the United States? Maybe only this time when you play the addictive title Dress Up Barack Obama. Your main aim is to dress Obama in different outfits which make him look like a freak and a league apart from his regular self of two piece suits. Dropping the sarcastic tone, we have a nice wardrobe for Mr. President here and it is up to you regarding its use. Your main aim is to make him look as if he doesnt belong to the White House. The game starts with a nice scenario, where Obama is standing outside the White House wearing nothing but his underwear. You now need to dress him up using the various pieces of clothing provided to you and make him look your best. For the shirts, you have different styles of clothing like t-shirts, vests, ethnic wear, jackets and other stuff for covering him up. For the lowers, you have shorts, Bermudas, trousers, track pants and other things which can dress him up. You also have a wide array of footwear, like slippers, sneakers and bathroom slippers. Some additional things like freaky hairstyles and stupid accessories like Face masks have been given to make him look totally out of place at the White House. Overall, the game is quite addictive and interesting because of a different motive behind dressing Mr. President up and becomes a good laugh when played correctly.
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