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Game Description: Give Ken A Hot New Look!
Hosted Link - Play Ken Dress Up
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Game Article:
Ken Dress Up An addictive game especially made for hot chicks and babes, Ken Dress Up allows you to dress up the hot friend of Barbie, the way they want! The game is about giving poor Ken a new look, because he is missing Barbie a lot and she is completely ignoring him. To make him look good so that Barbie starts liking him, you need to design a look specially for him. Here is how you can do that. You are given 6 things which can be changed about Ken, and you need to make the necessary changes by choosing from the options which have been given to you in the online game. You have hairstyle, clothes, car, music, dreams and mood which can be changed about Ken. All this is being done so that Barbie notices him, so you girls think what is right for him! For the hairstyle, you have five different styles available, bland, brown, red, sun streaked and black. For the clothes, you have surfer, hottie, rocker, sporty and smarty as the names of different collections. Moving on to the cars, you have a jeep, a pickup truck, a sports car, a wagon and a SUV for covering every range. Music can be rock, pop, hip hop, county and surf jams. You need to choose his mood then, from friendly, smart, cool, adventurous and funny. Finally, you need to show what you want Ken to be, a surfer, a fireman, a rock star, a vet or a teacher. Overall, the game is different than most dress up games which concentrate on clothes only. You can decide different things and influence Kens whole personality. Isnt that addictive?
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