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Vanessa Naughty Pics - As the papparazi, try to get as many compromising pictures of Vanessa as possible to earn enough money to continue on.
Stunt Driver - Compete over 8 crazy events to become Stunt Driver of the Year!
Supersonic RC - LEGO: Race free driving, checkpoint chase, stunt rally, scavenger hunt, or try the supersonic challenge!
Ninja Roll - Its a ninja in a ball. Draw a ramp for him to roll around on!
Magic Fingers - Learn how to give a perfect massage... Your girlfriend will be thankful!
Fish for Girls - If you have to make a video game about fishing, might as well make what you catch something more exciting than fish!
Girl Fight - Choose which celebrity girls to fight, Lindsay Lohan, Jenifer Lopez, and even Paris Hilton!
Pimp My Ride - Pimp out your ride.
Creepy Castle - Help Shaggy save his friends trapped inside the creepy castle!
Crank - Take to the road in this action packed racing game based off the feature film Crank!
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Arrrr! I'd rather cut off me other leg than play this game again!
Yarr... swabbing the poop deck, playing this game... both be no fun...
Ahoy mate! I've played better... and I've played worse...
Blimey! Ye done good choosing this game.
Shiver me timbers! Ye picked a right fine one matey!

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Game Description: Click around and see what mischeif you can get into!
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