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Game Description: Danger wheels for fearless drivers!
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Game Article:
Danger Wheels An addictive game about dangerous rides, extreme races and break neck stunts, Danger Wheels lets you practice some interesting moves and take some adventurous risks in the racing game. The game is an interesting racing style fun, where you need to do a lot more than simply clearing the levels. The levels ask you to compete against another car in a race to the finish and give you a side aim to destroy the car which is vying for the first position. There is a concept of power ups in the game and you need to keep collecting them for an improved and stronger game play. The basic game play is about clearing the area and elimination the opponent vehicle before it blows you up. This racing game follows a different style of game play where you need to move around the course and destroy the obstacles which are coming in your way. You need to reach the enemy car before it blows you up with the bombs it is carrying. The game provides you with different bombs which can be planted in the arena for blowing up the course and clearing up the path to the final station. The game lets you collect some important power ups too, which assist you in the task of beating your opponent. You have speed boosts, power boosts and powerful bombs as the collectibles, and they can be used on your opponent. You even have a time meter, which freezes the opponent so that you can plant a bomb near him and make him explode. Overall, the game is addictive and quite interesting because of a different style of racing game experience. The entire setup is entertaining enough for categorizing it as a good game.
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