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Play Games - Dress Up Games - Dress Up Stewie
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Game Description: Dress up Stewie as he takes over the world!
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Game Article:
Dress Up Stewie Another very addictive dress up game, this one is about Stewie and your attempts to dress the baby up. A really addictive game from our arsenal, this dress up game allows you to dress Stewie up. You have an array of clothing available for giving him a new look, and you would be really pleased at what you finally achieve. The clothing has been made to suit the baby?s naughty nature, and you would find a good collection of clothes for dressing him up. His wardrobe also contains shoes for giving the baby a new look, apart from his bare footed naked personality. You can choose from green, brown, black and other colored and styled boots, which suit the baby. You can even add some head gear like scarf or a cap, or dress him up in neck gear like mufflers or cardigans. There is an option to provide some accessories which would suit the baby; these include lollipops, sticks and plastic balls. You can even put a ball on his nose, to give him a good feel. The baby also responds to the dressing up being done. If he does not like the dress, he might just make a harried face to let you know about what he thinks. Playing this addictive game requires a lot of patience because most of the time you would get nasty looks from the baby because of a dress which he didn?t like. You also require a fair amount of creativity while giving Stewie some final touches in this addictive game, thus making up for a decent experience. Overall, the game is entertaining and you get to have a lot of fun while dressing up the baby. A totally addictive and enriching experience, it can actually give you a lesson in infant dressing and grooming.
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