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Game Description: Release your inner pimp and trick out your ride.
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Game Article:
Pimp My Ride The extremely addictive game which unleashes the inner style god in you, this game allows you to buff up and style your car, to an extent that people would go green at one sight of your monster. What this game tests is your style sense and the ability to make the best out of what is being offered. The game offers you an array of options for ramping up your car, and making it a subject to envious looks. As the first step while playing this really addictive game, you are allowed to choose the vehicle which you would be taking out for a ride. It can be an old school, open top vehicle; a mini coupe or a fully fledged SUV. So choose your style wagon in these three options that are being offered. The next step is to choose the wheels for your ride. They are offered in 5 styles, and you can choose anyone which appeals to you. After the wheels, the game proceeds to more interesting things like the parts. Two sections of parts are offered, and they contain everything which you might need to style up your car. From spray paints, images and tinted glasses to beacons, spoilers, dishes and our favorite bull head. It is quite amazing how they have managed to include every possible part in this amazingly addictive game. Moreover, we can also decide the scenery to position the vehicle, which adds more zing to the overall feel. After making the talk of the town, you can even forward this to your friends and challenge them to beat your ride. Simple yet fun, this is one of those few games which are easy to learn and manage to be addictive too.
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